What are the fees? The prices listed on our website are base prices. Any fees that may apply to your order will be listed on your quote and invoice. You can review the pricing before booking.

What is this travel fee? A travel fee is a cost added to your order when we need to travel outside our local area or in certain order situations. How much the fee will be will depend on your order, your event location, the date of the event and the amount of time the equipment is ordered for.

The fee can be different if we need to return to the location at a later time after the event to pick up the equipment. Any travel fee waived for any local area order is subject to a 2 item minimum to apply.

What is the cancellation/postponement policy? If you need to postpone or cancel an event due to weather or another reason, a 48 hour notice is required. Once we are notified, any deposit submitted by the customer will be used as credit towards a future event. There are no refunds given. If the specific equipment is not available for the future date, the customer has the option to change the date or choose other equipment of similar value.

Does this item include a generator and/or air blower? Certain items require electricity to function. Our inflatables will require an air blower which in turn, require electricity to function. There are certain games and machines that require electricity to function. If you do not have access to electricity at your event location, generators will have to be added to your order for an additional fee. Air blowers for inflatables are included in the price.

I have access to electric at my event location. What type of power do I need? Our equipment usually plugs into a standard 110v electric outlet.

I have water items on my order. What is the water access requirement? We do not prefill any equipment with water prior to delivery. We will require water access on location to fill up any equipment or have a water item be a water item. We may also require an area to drain it after the event.

What are your hours? Because of the nature of what we do, our hours vary depending on season. We suggest to always call before having to stop by our office.

What locations do you serve? We usually serve New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticutt. Depending on the event location, there may also be a minimum order.

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